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PUPP ~ Personal Use Product Package

PUPP set

Introduction: This is a system that is used by successful Forever Living Products distributors to find new customers and move personal use products. This process is tested, reviewed, updated and now made available for everyone to use. In essence this is a set of 10 products from Forever Living placed into a bag with appropriate literature. This set is then used as a demo (testers). Passed from one person to another so distributors can nicely and professionally introduce these products with all their warm contacts and during this process sell products and more importantly find new customers and distributors. These are phenomenal products, but distributors still need to put them into prospects' hands in order to find customers.

PUPP Downloads

Downloadable Files: Here is the set of files that will help you understand this process and help you successfully use pupp system to share products, find customers and help you much easier become 4CC active which is the key and base for successful Forever Living business.

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