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About Oliver, Senior Manager, Eagle Manager

Oliver's Rex Maughan

Oliver Lepki has been successfully building his Forever Living business since 2008. He started like everyone else as a New Distributor and worked his way to sr. Manager. Oliver has achieved Eagle Manager position four times in a row and traveled with the company to many places. Forever Living is the opportunity that came at the right time and changed his life forever.

The beauty of Forever is that everyone has a chance to become successful simply by working hard-and-smart and by helping other people become successful. Today, Oliver has very solid team that he is training, coaching and supporting on regular basis and who are also getting success they work for. Oliver is a believer and dreamer, but he plans his dreams so they become reality! His main characters are great work ethics and persistence that he is applying to this business, which pays big unlike other traditional options.

Oliver's Family

On a personal level - Oliver is Olivera's husband and together they are bringing up their two children, teaching them life, feeding them regularly so they grow up nicely, and well behaved. Oliver and Olivera are both working with Forever and enjoying the combination of business and family life. Oliver, Olivera and AloeVera - how nice.

On a more personal level Oliver is still a child who likes to play tennis during his free time. He is also coaching tennis (free of charge) in his neighbourhood to contribute to the community. Teaching kids to appreciate active lifestyle and play outdoors.

To contact Oliver, simply send him an email to oliver [AT] flp.com, you can also check his FLP website at: www.oliver.flp.com (done with FLP360 - great tool) or get in touch with him on facebook.